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If you like weewar and want to try another turnbased strategygame on your phone or tablet - Try uniwar!
Uniwar have been around for some years but are still being actively developed.
- cross-plattform Android/iOS
- 3 different races with different units
- FoW (can be turned off in unrated games)
- tutorial campaign
- Multiplayer (->8) - team (2:2, 3:3 and 4:4) and FFA
- chats: main game chat, game chat and teamgame chat
- mapeditor
- ladder (ELO)
- official tournaments
Features to come:
- free version (with IAP)
- web-version
- in-game tournaments
- ladders for championships, random solo, teams
I moderate the uniwar forums and the in-game uniwar main chat.
I play casual and high level games. Invite me to a game on uniwar if you try it (simsverd).
Screenshots taken from the bluestacks android emulator on PC:

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