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-- UPDATED 11:01pm EST 11/22/08 --
*NEW - Tournament of Champions I 2/32 players 2v2 -- [Waiting]

- Battle at Sima d'Oro 16/16 players solo -- [Running]
[U/G Tournament Play] -- (Under Construction)
If you are interested in "tournament play" plz register to the website link below and get signed up to he Underground leader Board. But if your thinking "I never played a tournament idk how", then do we just have the thing for you? You might be interested but not sure how to begin, well simply visit the IRC for instructions.
[New Player Training] -- (Underground Training Camp)
Any new player wishing to gain support or help beginning in Weewar, is welcome to visit the IRC as well. we can offer you some basic tactics and strategy ideas. As well as a platform to communicate freely with others. ____________________________________________________
IRC -- (pick a nick & continue)

More to come Pizzow!

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