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I do (e)njoy this game! Especially large and demanding multi(4-6)-player maps.
I do not play 1 vs 1 rather frequently.

2 things i do not do:
1.) I won't disrupt a game by surrendering early!
2.) I do not play with guys having points below 1550 to 1600, unless they are rather new at weewar and/or I know they are motivated! (I am not arrogant :-) But too often there are reasons for the low count... and especially <1500 is too often characteristic to idi...)

Nevertheless and unfortunately, of course, some folks with higher scores are insufferable.

And one thing I hope: The Devs should fix the increasing problems and instability issues rather quickly. Otherwise not only I will start thinking about whether paying money for this is worth it or not. Would be sad to see this going down the drain.

Point Max: 1926 on Nov. 12th, 2009

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