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Those marked as Prefers are WeeBitches. WeeBitches are those self righteous asses that think they own this site. They will try to bully you. They will flame you, they will put you on a list. In general, they will do all manner of annoying things to ruin your play if you cross them. So I have created a list of my own and have marked them so that others might be aware of their behavior.

Also, you should be wary of WeeTards and WeeHoles. I will make a list of them if it is warranted.

WeeTard: Example, joins a game and then drops it. bobbob is known to do this and then blame it on alcohol.
WeeHole: Example, colludes with another player in a multiplayer FFA game. sometimes deferred to as a WeeCheat.

MrJoseg - Crime: dropping his losing team so that he gains points instead of losing them.

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