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I've got back into the game again. After visiting many different strategies games etc. I've wondered my way back into Weewar to see if my new strategic games have improved my play. I've only started getting back into this game at about 12-15-13. I like to challenge players better then me so I have a challenge. I'm a player that won't skip a minute after the deadline, I like to be a respectful player that has a good mix of fun and seriousness. I hope all my opponents the best of luck! See you guys on the battlefield

Highest rank: 1615, Achieved 2-21-14

Edit: Taking another break. (6-20-14) Once I finish my rated game I'll be gone for awhile. Technically you could say I started my break 5-15-14 but I'll make it officially 6-20-14

TheLoveHitman's rating is 1546

29 Victories, 12 Draws, 34 Losses

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