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>> Mostly play once or twice a day now.
>> Both rated and unrated games are fine.
>> I play one on one, FFA and team games.
>> Will offer peace if a game gets boring.

On a personal note, I am vocal so expect to be called out if you act like a tool or mistreat others. Earn my respect and I will go out of my way to help you out.

Play fair and game on.
Proud host of numerous NikiMcKnight maps.

Friends List
Bombshell/NikMcKnight - The undisputed champion of map making. One of the most generous WeeWar members.
Darkbee - Wannabe WeeWar mayor and liked by all. Cool and kind dude who sucks at WeeWar. Plays a fun game though. He IS a dwarf!
DirtStyx/ultraman - Sucks at WeeWar. About as badly as Darkbee. With their powers combined though, we got some great humor.
entregreeneur - A fellow Aussie and one we'd be proud to represent us, even if he is a politician. ;) Great fun to play against.
Muzzafar - Helpful, intelligent, reserved and a gives me a bloody hard time in every game we play. Mint map maker too!
Po - Very probably the funniest bastard in this community. Also someone I beat up on, on a regular basis. Lives in Alaska.
Rahl/mercury - Where I go if I want to get my ass kicked. In a good way though. Honestly. The guy is a machine! Watch your self!
Streen - Opinionated Scottish a**hole, but we love him. Has a tendency to attack teammates which provides great in-game comedy.
TAZ - Great guy who plays a fun game. Seldom active in forums unfortunately. Pair him up with VTT for optimum laughs.
troymadsen - Deceptively skilled and diplomatic. He'll shy away and then rip you a new one from the shadows. Great guy.
Tygerdave - CEO of the WeeWarTimes and a bloody good player. Very helpful to his mates and the community. Once bet LordBaer!
VTTruck/RockyDog - Top dog to chillax and drink with. Spams on occasion but knows how to take the piss and have a good time.
Warmaker - Horrible, horrible WeeWar player. Takes the beatings with a smile though. Cheeky bugger yet deceptively wise.

igloo 51421 (Droning. Claiming ownership on single account with Kibble. Booting when unnecessary. Point Farming) - Easily qualifies as the biggest asshole on all of weewar. He tried to change his name on several occasions and alter his points with his duplicate accounts to avoid being found again but he is the sole person being preferred by the user iglootracker.

stickypants (unsportsmanlike conduct, generic asshat)
Strychnine 37853 (Picks on newcomers in rated unfair maps, stalls on purpose when he loses)
alianthus 15445 (No sportsmanship, boots people to boost score)
Kibble 50982 (Droning. Claiming ownership on single account with igloo. Booting when unnecessary. Absolute twat.)
Mattroberts24 50892 (Droning)
mjroberts 53318 (Droning)
giu 14588 (Challenges opponents in the 1400-1600 range on unfair maps he's created. There is a slight bias on each of them.)
Desema 51885 (Consistent unfriendly booting. Claimed he changed his ways, but kept on booting.)
addison 3319 (Desema's brother. They account swap and placing blame on one another when booting unnecessarily.)
Jayb0 49599 (Continuous droning)
maaac 49600 (Continuous droning)
Gondor 52092 (Continuous droning)
Boindil1 33220 (Booting and droning)
Irish Boots 29521 (Booting when the opponent stated he would be late)


Moron List - Reserved for dumbasses. Mostly from the forums. Not necessarily cheaters, just... idiots. List speaks for itself.
Toytrain 51437
Force 45041
Kibble 50982
addison 3319
Desema 51885
WeeWarStaff 47758 / KongouShin 56267
Boindil1 33220


Scammer List
WeeWarStaff 47758 / KongouShin 56267 - Self admitted to be the same person. Offered fake WeeWar extras as exchange for people buying her an account.

Neon Pink List
Darkbee 31419 - 'cause he's absolutely fabulous.

Honor is measured not by your intentions, but by your actions. - Lucian Valentine

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