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"Make The First Move Before It Is Made Against You"
"A Great Leap Forward Often Requires Two Steps Back"

Time Zone - GMT 0

Name - Arron :)
Age - 14.
Location - England, London

---> Prefers Playing In Small/Medium Maps Sometimes Large.
---> Plays With Any Amount Of People (I'm Not Bothered xD)
---> Mostly Plays Rated Games, Sometimes Unrated.
---> I Prefer Small And Medium Maps.
---> I Am Currently Making A Series Of Maps Based On Ancient Battles (500BC-500AD)
Hey, I'm A 14 Year Old Student. I Am Easy To Get Along And Make Friends With. If You Need Any Help Ask Me :D. Sometimes I Can Be A Bit Bossy And Impaitient, Lol. I Like To Talk Alot So If Your Playing Me In A Game, Don't Expect The Chatbox Not To Be Flooded xD.

Personal Friendslist
General_Death: A Huge, Fearsome Warrior, One Of The Mightiest I've Played. He's Also A Very Kind Man. To Me... Hes Like An Older Brother :D
McMonster: A Monsterous Player On The Outside ... But A Big Softie Inside :)
akillez: My Personal Favored Strategy Partner. Good Deep Thinker, With A Young ... Courageous Personality :D


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