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About me (DreamLane):
- My Longest wait, 58 days in a 6-players unrated FFA ...
- Most my slots are occupied by unrated map evaluations, rated invitations are still welcome :p
- Time zone GMT +8

About Weewar fans:
Experts with high skills and mistake proof! thanks for their guidance and teach me how to play!
- Juffe (mistake proof + "super" patience = hopeless to enemy!)
- MapMaker (super-calculator + awesome map creator = he established many golden moves)
- General_Death (perfect + aggressive player = bloody killer)
- kain7 (Top player, and it means everything!)
- McMonster (A real Weewar monster!)
- cowboy3 (a black horse!)
- Copes (His rank tells how good he is!)
- Tygerdave (One of the enemy I scared most)
- elsirad (awesome skill + perfect player)
- annihilatepop (Worst Enemy!)

- buttpirate (yes, you will be surprised if he didn't match your expectation)

There are still many to add, will list them slowly :)

Obsoleted map:
--- Aruba Race v1.0 (http://www.weewar.com/map/61209)
--- Inverted world v1.0 (http://www.weewar.com/map/60813)
--- Stirling's Aruba 1vs4 (http://www.weewar.com/map/60935)
--- Stirling's Aruba FFAx5 (http://www.weewar.com/map/61125)

Live match on show:
http://weewar.com/game/399721 (Inverted World v1.0)
http://weewar.com/game/404950 (Inverted World v1.1)
http://weewar.com/game/404653 (Inverted World v1.1)
http://weewar.com/game/404389 (EoB v.16b)
http://weewar.com/game/419533 (EoB v.16b)
http://weewar.com/game/405043 (Aruba Race v1.0)

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89 Victories, 35 Draws, 20 Losses

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