Stirling's Europe ver3 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 2 thru 6 player - playtested by MapMaker

1-6 players Played 599 times Favored by 216 Income: 100 Start credits: 200

Play this map as BRP vs YGW -or- blue vs red -or- blue and purple vs Red and yellow. Don't play it as Blue and yellow vs Red and Purple because there are more bases in the north and it is particularly difficult to attack the north because of the mountains and lower southern income. FFA isn't recommended because white and green are generally not strong enough to hold off so many fronts without truces and if there are truces you may as well play the right teams. Top vs Bottom is not recommended because the north has too many bases and because red and white are both land based and can easily pick up bases when they aren't competing against each other. for the working draft to find a suitable FFA and top vs bottom starting arrangement.

Published 2579 days 17 hours 55 minutes ago

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