Choices by clarkin

1-2 players Played 1801 times Favored by 40 Income: 100 Start credits: 0

Choices is a 1v1 map with the emphasis on balance and replayability. You have several options at the start that should strongly change how the game plays out - hence the name.

It's slightly bigger than the tiny stock 1v1 maps and not as deadlocked/predictable as the bigger stock 1v1 maps.

Blue's first-turn advantage should be negated by his starting trooper being one turn further from the lucrative double-base at the far corner.

It's meant for the basic units, but I have allowed for some alternate strategies using for example hovercraft. Low money means the expensive pro units probably won't get built anyway.

All comments & feedback welcome!

Published 2609 days 16 hours 55 minutes ago

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