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Just a theoretical question, but do you think light troopers would still be used if their cost was raised from 75 -> 100?

They would still be the cheapest unit in the game, and they would still remain cost effective at attacking just about everything.




they are too cheap as they are probably, but this would render many many many low income maps pretty much useless.




ug, the whole point of them is to be cheap.

Your right that they would still be cheapest, and so still used for the cannon fodder they are now, but it would screw up a lot of games... consider 25% fewer units.....

And actually more infantry and less of the more expensive units. Since you will still need a lot of actual units to ZOC block and build multi-attack and to control woods / mountains so people would not be able to reduce the number of troopers very much... and so would have much less $$ for the more expensive units.