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Feedback appreciated.

Is there a good way to account for the first turn advantage in 1-on-1 maps? For instance, on the map I made, should the red team start with 2 troopers instead of 1?


Heavy Trooper


My thoughts on that map (didn't play it though):

I tried to compute the best starting strategy: For blue it costs 9 moves to reach the northeast base. The southwest base can be reached in 10 turns with the starting trooper, but if you build a hover in turn 1 and use 6 turns of movement, you can get there in round 7, so it finishes capturing after round 8, and you can build something to defend there at round 9, before it is red's turn, so you have that base for sure.
Likewise, red can capture the northeast base after round 8, but because blue starts first, in round 9 we will be able to steal it from red. The only option red has is to delay capture and bring more units first, or send more units to re-steal it from blue again.

So blue seems to have a big first-turn advantage on this map. I gave you an invite to see the problem.

For the rest: Even if this is balanced by removing this problem and you make sure that red always can capture the northeast base savely, the map has two other problems:
- There are only three small paths to the enemy territory, two of them even swamps. It is very likely there will be two solid fronts hard to break. The only thing to counter this are the airfields, I suppose a match on this map will primarily be an airbattle. However, due to the low income, this will take ages.
- The first moves will be very tedious. The primary goal is to capture a second base, and for doing that you have to travel a long distance, without any player interaction.

In general, a symmetric 1v1 map can often be balanced by giving red "a half turn", e.g. by moving a starting unit closer to another neutral base so it can start capturing earlier. Of course, starting with an additional unit is a viable option as well. That decision always depends on the concrete map.

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I wanted the river crossings to be difficult in order to force players to think more strategically about their approach (ie. airstrikes before sending ground units). But I did not think of the rate of income. I'd like to play this out with you and work out the kinks.