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Poll results: Would you get involved in this if it existed?

Yes 83% [ 5 ]
No 17% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 6



Heavy Trooper


This is an idea I'd like to put out and see how many of you are interested.
I love WeeWar and often feel like it needs a bit more depth in the gameplay sometimes.

My idea is to create a phpbb forum, i can do this i have run many forums, for private groups to real company forums, host it on a server and run it/install a professional theme etc.

People could register there using their weewar usernames.
They could then create or join existing 'Nations'. Basically, usergroups.
You could start one with a few friends or join the big ones run by many players.

A world map would be created where nations would own certain regions.
Each nation would have their own private forum where they can discuss tactics, who they're going to invade, assign generals etc.

A nation could then invade a region of an enemy nation, a game would be created on weewar with custom maps for that region, players would be assigned by the nations leader and whoever is victorious would succesfully capture that region on our forum, updating the world map.
The games would be refereed to make sure rules were followed etc.

I think it could be quite fun.
Let me know what you think...

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That does sound quite interesting. I'm not sure however how tightly you'd manage to integrate it with weewar, i.e. if it becomes really messy to find your "Nations" games, you're not sure on whom you have to play on which map when, and then people forget to report back outcomes of such games etc. etc.

By default, it might become very complicated and hard to keep track of, having to check both on that external forum as well as here.

But the idea sounds interesting. If done well, that'd make it a whole new game, really, just using weewar for the "local" battles and the whole rest (diplomacy, large-scale strategy, ...) taking place somewhere else.

My 2 cents.




I also think the idea sounds fun.

If I think about what complications could occur what comes to mind is the following:

a) it is long and difficult progress to balance a map, you cant just make it up within a day or something. It needs a lot of playtesting with different players and when its a multiplayer map it might take at least two weeks until its done. And I think in this metagame its absolutely crucial to have balanced maps, otherwise people will get frustrated.
This is mind I wouldnt say the idea is unrealistic, but its a really longterm thing.

b) I assume that you need a vital group of at least 25 people to make it interesting and I dont feel like the weewar fanbase is actually growing right now. It seems pretty likely that there wont be enough active players to keep this a thing.

After all I would be down for it. I'm thinking of a nation with no hierarchy and how one could accomplish to stay competitive in that scenario =). I'd be in. Greetings.




I had this in mind for www.weeseltown.info with a global map and logged in users to show the global situation in one glance and give the logged in player the ability to click a country on the globe and a link sets up a game in weewar automatically on the particular map. never finished programming it though, my coding skills would need to improve as well as the weewar API.

I think a solution in forums needs endless work by admins and from experience gained in being part of the tourney2012 organizers team this could be quite an investment of time.




I'm not really interested in this idea myself. I just wanted to say if you're going to do this you need either really dedicated people or you need to do it with software.




Seriously interesting, I will consider that while developing Hexfray. Some kind of enhanced tournament maybe. I'll keep you posted, tournament system should be done in a couple of months.

Personally, I would love to see it in Weewar, but I think it would require too much effort and I think not many people would be willing to join it.


Heavy Trooper


To those who said they didn't like the idea and those who make it sound like it would be too hard to do, i understand but what i'm talking about is extremely simple.

It's just an external forum, no coding whatsoever.
Just organising games and then creating them on weewar, and the results will effect a world map (depending on who wins [attacking/defending regions]) which i manually change.

And the reason it'd be simple is because the userbase would probably be less than 50 people, and a nation (group of people) will only be able to start one war at a time, so it's not like thousands of battles are going on at once.


Well I'm going to make it regardless.
People can join in, might be fun. If it dies due to inactivity then it dies.
Worth the try though!