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I've been a long time weewarer and I wanted to know when the replay feature will return? It was one of my favorite features in the game and the only reason why you would want to archive finished games.


Heavy Tank


They had to remove it because it was eating too much DB space, since the game is not under active development, I think it's safe to say it will not be back any time in the near future.

Someone wrote a recorder that you can run on your own machine, it also let you emulate moves to try out attacks, and had several other nifty features.

Just hunted it down - don't know if it has a home but the weebot.net site is down - http://weewar.com/forum/posts/list/1237.page




I'll spend some time tonight digging it up. I'm pretty sure the source was moved somewhere but I can't recall at the moment.