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I've been using this AI (from the tutorial maps) to get familiar with different features, and ever since the server issues have been fixed, any game with this AI is EXTREMELY frustrating. Even with all units enabled, I'll buy a unit, then it'll force reload and the unit will be GONE, and my money with it. I'll have a battle, or move units, or buy units, and when I click End Your Turn, about 1/2 of the actions will have been "undone." I can still beat the AI, but it takes two or three times as long, and it's extremely frustrating seeing my strategies cut to ribbons with randomness. Anybody else having the same issues?




You might not get much of a response from the regulars since none of them are likely to play Zapp all that often, if at all.

I'd say that I'll go have a test or two myself but with Christmas coming up I might not get much of a change to get to the computer... at least not for extras.


Heavy Tank


That sounds like an issue with the Flash interface and the server speed than Zapp itself, since playing Zapp should not affect any of the problems you're having.

Some things to try:
- make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed, at least v10.5, but v11 is best.
- don't refresh after every action, just move normally and maybe refresh before ending turn to make sure everything is correct.
The system is set up so that actions like move, build, and repair do not require an immediate response from the server, but attack and end turn do. What this means for you is that if you build a unit and the unit appears on the map, but then you refresh the page, the server may not have learned that you built a unit, so after refreshing, the new unit doesn't appear. An attack, on the other hand, requires a server response, so you have to wait for the battle result to come back from the server before you can do anything else. So, don't refresh after every action or else not every action you just made will be "saved".




Thanks for trying to help, Spadequack. But I'm quite sure Akambe is right, it's just a problem with Zapp! Please see these 2 games:


Exactly the same problem! It seems to happen when Zapp plays the position right after you. In the first game I am blue, Zapp red. I had a lot of problems there, moves missing, and now even a unit (and money) disappeared. In the second game red had the problems, Zapp was purple there.

It is like Akambe said, and I don't have any problems in any other of my games (without Zapp). This only happens when Zapp's in the game! This must be very frustrating for beginners. I guess they just leave WeeWar forever right after their first game against Zapp, because this really sucks...

I would suggest some more folks to look into this, and if it's a problem with Zapp maybe you better turn off that tutorial game for beginners!

Edit: This might be related to those delays in the last days, sometimes I have to wait for 20-30 seconds to load a WeeWar site. It feels a bit like Zapp is "too fast", seems it does its turns even before the human player (the Flash client) is synced to the server - and that might lead to that strange problems. Just a guess and my personal impression.

You can easily see that Zapp does not connect like human players: Just open a game and invite Zapp, but do NOT start it. After some minutes Zapp joins and says something: You can see there that Zapp gets his player color before the game starts! Human players text stays grey until the game starts.

Update: I'd suggest you better completely turn off Zapp, as it seems to destroy the game for ALL players. I was wrong about Zapp beeing "too fast", it breaks up the game all the time, even without playing its turn.

I just lost my 2nd trooper at 18|25, same spot as the first. This time I tried a workaround like this:

- made my move (without clicking "End Turn")
- waited some time
- disconnected from WeeWar
- waited some time
- connected again to see what happened

This happened: Even before I hit "End Turn" my trooper (and the 75 credits) was missing! I'm sure that I had 300 before my turn, and I built 4 troopers with that money.

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I can vouch for all of the types of errors that Akambe was seeing. I've lost units and the money spent on them. I'll use several units to kill a unit and then move in to a space that was formerly occupied only to have the game not match the server and reload. Upon coming back sometimes the entire game is reset and sometimes only one of my moves was skipped which means the attack sequence starts with the second attacker instead of the first, which can become a critical failure when sacrificing units to gain bonuses. I can even move one of my own units and then move another into the vacated space and the game will reload.

I've watched for my moves on the weewar 'moves' scrolling list and have seen my moves go by and still have full and partial reloads. At first I thought it was mostly just happening on the large maps, but switched to a tiny map and had the same issue. It is much worse on larger maps.

If the server and interface can't agree on which game is being played or can't agree on which units exist, then there could be some simple problems. I have checked in on a number of games that the AIs are playing to see if any are above 1,000 rounds and there have been a few, including some that an AI had already won but won't capture the last harbors or airfields so total victory is unobtainable and the AIs don't know when to quit.

The 1,000+ round games are relevant because part of the errors and frustration of playing is waiting for the computer to allow a combat or allow a player to make a move. All of the resources the AIs spend is negatively impact game play. I've always felt the AIs should have a speed limit to how quickly they are allowed to make their moves which should be relatively to how many others are actively playing. Or just have an AI server.




Niki and I both had sync errors in multiple 1v1 games against each other. I lost moves and chat messages. she at least lost moves.




all the same with me

I guess that the problem is with flash, not the AI since I have all these problems either against AI or humans

may be in a couple of months I'm come back here




I got problems with Zapp too - in the first tutorial game he doesn't move at all (over 24h have passed). I can't skip his turn or remove him, cause the game says it's out of sync with the server.