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The biggest issue is that people always seem to want casual tournaments where strict time limits are not observed. The tournament would go much faster if there was a 12 hour time limit and players were booted as soon as they were over that limit. While I wouldn't advocate that for regular competitive play it's pretty standard fair in tournament games in other "sports".

Then of course you have people say, well what about vacations/time away... the answer is blunt but simple, if you can't play, you're out. It's harsh maybe but it's the reality. The only thing the tournament can try to do is to organize the event at such a time of year where absences are minimized.

The above post is mostly moot though because to my mind most peoples' response has always been "I don't give a s**t if the tournament take two years, let's just play."

So there you go. The people have spoken.

And quality lurking RockyDog!

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