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Poll results: Do you use hovers&speedboats as a first strike or to finish off an attack?

I attack with hovers&speedboats first 44% [ 12 ]
I attack with hovers&speedboats last 56% [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 27





As a general rule, do you use light naval units (hovercraft and speedboats) to weaken enemy heavy units before attacking with your heavy units? Or do you use the light units to finish off weak heavy units?

I used to attack with light units first. This may lighten the damage taken by your heavier units and gives a bonus to the stronger attack.
Nowadays I use them to finish off an attack. That way there's a chance that the opponent needs to waste two attacks to destroy them, and also they may remain strong enough to deal damage again next turn. I figure this to be more advantageous than the conservation of the heavier units. And it doesn't usually matter which unit gets the gang-up bonus.




I was the same as you, I used to used them first to build up an attack bonus, however I felt the damage taken was not justified towards the bonus. I therefore changed to use speedboats and hovers to finish off weak units. The advantage is like what you said, by placing them in front of your other units it prevents your opponent being able to use such units to attack your own big units.

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Heavy Trooper


I think this is situational. They all have some chance of injuring a unit so you aren't changing your expected total damage to the other player by using one vs the other first. It's purely how you want the damage allocated on your end (and of course whatever movement constraints may exist).




Different scenerios...

In one, you are concerned with the strength of your destroyers... say you are about even and you dont want to give him an easy kill back. So you use your SB or hoovers to weaken then finish with the DD from distance to keep it safe. You dont get the bonus for the ranged attack but keep you attacking DDs safe.

Another one, you only have 1 destroyer so you weaken with the SB/Hoover and finish with the DD at close combat to use the bonuses.

Other situation you keep 2 DD safe at distance and weaken the enemy... then finish with your SB/Hoover. That also puts a screen of light units ahead of your destroyers so the enemy cannot close to your destroyer line.