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Not sure if this has happened already but reading through various strategy talks has gotten me thinking...

We should have several copies of popular maps made with pre-placed units to facilitate general (and possibly incredibly detailed) discussion of strategy. One could even set up a clone of a "tough point" in a certain game and use it as a reference for how to evade/counter a certain tactic that was experienced. I don't imagine it would be too time consuming and as a visual learner myself, images work much better than words.

Just an example I whipped up while thinking about this... http://weewar.com/map/52950
Not actually thought through for content, but...

Pretend this was a situation in an actual game, you're Red, it's your turn, what do you do?

The answers to this could be instructional for (mostly newer, in this case) players. More complex situations would have more intricate discussions accordingly.

What does everyone think?




brilliant. really. it could be part of an effort to have more map-specific strategy discussions/threads happening.

what's a commonly played map that lots of folks would like to un-pack in this manner?


Heavy Trooper


For me Jovana's fields for sure. I've seen crazy games being played on that map (like one of the combatants having no naval forces but still managing to stay in play with DFA's and aircraft).




One method of teaching chess (and bridge and who knows how many other strategy games) is to 'start' in the middle of a game so the student can be faced with a complex challenge that they may not normally create.

I have taken a few 'students' and once the game was obviously decided let them build up points and set up attack/defend options for them to experiment with. Most effective in showing them the value of multi-attack bonus and some techniques for breaking lines. But it would be a great time-saver to start with all the units created and in position.

Good idea!