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Heavy Trooper


In an attempt to give something back to the Weewar community and re-spark the interest in bot development, as well as terrain and unit modifications, I’ve created a .NET app that kind of does both.

It includes a full .NET bot development kit including API documentation and source for a sample SimpleBot. The API includes high level constructs and allows you to play the entire game in memory if required (play both sides!), as well as being able to perform move lookahead to determine the best set of moves before committing them to the server via the Weewar Eliza API. The API is extremely efficient and does not need to hit the server for move or attack possibilities so tasks like finding the shortest path can be performed in memory on the client.

It also includes two experimental game mods (new units/terrains etc)
  • KajahMod: includes some new units like walls, watchtowers and changes the way income is generated and used during the game (eg/ some units require upkeep, some units produce income)

  • CasaMod: includes many new units, terrains and maps. Developed by Casaubon (The King of Weewar Mods. You must check out http://casaubon.lima-city.de/Weewar/w_index.php)

  • It comes with a very simple server that will only host one game at a time and can be used to test your bots without having to contact the live Weewar server at all. The server can also be used to test new unit or terrain types, so let your mod minds go wild!!

    You will need at least XP SP2 and .NET 3.5 to run it (MS Visual Studio 2008 if you want to develop bots http://www.microsoft.com/express/Downloads/).

    Download from http://weebot.net/

    Have fun!

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