About Weewar

Weewar is an award winning turn based strategy game featuring real action on real maps. It runs right in the browser and requires no downloads or software installs. Up to 6 players participate in each game and get to command a host of ground, sea and air units against each other.

The time between turns sets the pace of each game. This can be anything from a few minutes to several days. With each turn taking mere minutes this makes Weewar ideally suited to be played from anywhere - even the office or school. Email reminders help keep track of your games and notify you when it is your turn.

All games take place on a variety of maps and scenarios with new ones being added every day. User generated content is key as players design and share their own maps using Weewar's fully interactive online map editor.

Weewar is social

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Every player on Weewar can invite existing or new players via email. Players can also be added to friends lists on every player profile.

A real time chat is available for every game and in the main game lobby.

The extensive Weewar API enables a very active developer community to extend Weewar and to create 3rd party services like:

  • The Weewar facebook application
  • Badges and Widgets
  • Scripts, augmenting Weewar.com
  • Several desktop applications (e.g. for turn notifications)
  • RSS Feeds (via Yahoo pipes)
  • External websites
  • Battle Calculators
  • A Twitter mashup.

See more examples ...

Technology and requirements

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Weewar requires only a recent browser to run. No downloads, installs or plugins are required. Being completely web based, load times are virtually non existent. Utilising ajax and a rich interface the game experience is highly interactive.

Everything is constantly saved to the Weewar servers so players can close their browser at any time without losing their progress. If they come back everything will be just as they left it. (This greatly helps those playing from the office.)

A sophisticated battle system gives each unit and terrain unique character and puts good strategy at the fore front. All technical specifications are publicly available and have sparked a whole range of third party tools.

Pro accounts on Weewar

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Playing on Weewar is free. An optional subscription based pro account is available for purchase via PayPal or Credit Card. Pro account holders do NOT have an unfair advantage over non paying players, though. If a pro player sets up a session all participating players benefit from a range of additional features:

  • Additional units
  • Full access to all maps (default and community generated)
  • Additional terrains / buildings
  • More simultaneous games
  • No adverts

Weewar history

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Take the Weewar Tour for additional information.

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